Tressanew Supplement – Is it for all genders?


In this era with the pace of the technology and with the busy routines of the people, there is no time for anyone to groom oneself and in this struggle not only the skin but also the hairs get damaged, and the damage is sometimes irreversible, however Tressanew supplement can help.

A dietary supplement specifically designed to rejuvenate the hairs as such that they are like never gone, used for both, men and women of all ages. The work of the Tressanew is to shutoff an enzyme called the DHT that is mainly and solely responsible for the hair loss in men and women.

The supplement is equipped with the 5AR potent inhibitor found in nature, made of all organic components and dietary supplements required to take on anything that may seems to be harmless in any way possible.

100% organic ready to treat all sorts of chemicals and substances that could have harm he hairs in any way possible. It supports the growth of the hair instantly and carefully.

How does Tressanew Work?

The working method is quite simple as it seems to attack the DHT enzyme with its all-powerful 5AR inhibitors that may cause the hair to loose, however as this is all organic and made up of purely natural ingredients as per the company so there is no need to fear while using it.

Ingredients of the Tressanew:

The ingredients are all organic and have been tried and tested by the company for the results before mixing them into a potent formula. However, the ingredients are as follows:

  • Fo-Ti:

An herb from the china required to be used in all sorts of ointments and creams for the skin treatment issues however along with that it has also found its use in the hair gaining shampoos and stop the hair removal as well. It works with 5AR inhibitor as well.

  • Saw Palmetto:

It is extracted from the palm trees and is required for the for the stopping of the falling of the hairs, it prevents the formation of 5-alpha reductase an enzyme that converts the testosterone into DHT.

  • Horsetail:

It boosts the hair growth with the high levels of silicon and collagen-boosting antioxidants also the selenium found in the horsetail makes the scalp a better for the growth and make sure to form an optimum environment for the hair growth as such.

Responsible for the prevention of the bladder stones as well as kidney failure and edema.

  • Magnesium:

Magnesium is responsible for immune growth in a body as such and also it is responsible to cause it to produce the cell divisions, cell growth and immunological reactions as such. It is working can directly or indirectly causes the hair growth and scalp health goes better with time.

  • Biotin:

Biotin also known as vitamin B7 is responsible for growth of the hair and the follicle strength as well, it makes the hair go shinier, brighter and look thicker as well. Tressanew actively absorbs the biotin along with it.

Benefits of using the Tressanew:

  • It is a GMO Free certified Product.
  • FDA approved for it to work in the best of solution.
  • Stops the hair fall and make it look thicker and shinier as well.
  • DHT is prevented to the best of its work.
  • Includes 5AR inhibitors for the hair loss.
  • Comes with a 90-day 100% money back warranty.
  • Comes in the form of capsules.
  • GMP certified product with an all-organic approval ingredients.